Leisure, workout or training. Our walls have got you covered.

Training? we've gotchu.

Whether you're practicing for an outdoor climb or just getting into tip-top shape we'd bet our set-up has something for you.

Hangboards & Weights Area

With over 15,000 sq ft of dedicated gym space including free weights, kettlebells, squat rack and machines

2 wooden Boards

Set at 27 and 40 degrees of overhang, it provides a great place for all levels of skill

Circuit Training Board

Complete with over 50 moves, our circuit training board is loved by all our climbers

Campus Board

Work your upper body strength on our dedicated campus board, designed to allow for repeating basic patterns

The substation grading system

Our very own grading system, giving our route setters a load more freedom and our climbers some interesting new problems to climb.

How's it work?


Instead of using the colours to denote difficulty, we use start and top tags to indicate a route


These numbers ranges from Level 1 (Easy)- Level 6 (Hard)


Grey volumes can be used within all routes


Routes are now more interesting, with a range of colours, hold types and shapes


Climbers get to explore a wider range of the wall, helping alleviate queuing at the busiest times

Why climbers love it here


Called in to take alook at what all the fuss was about - and can highly recommend it! Food offering is excellent and the staff could not be more helpful. Had a tour around the climbing area and yoga studio. The facilities are excellent and the place has a real vibe about it.

— Ben

Amazing Centre

Great climbing centre with passionate staff. The cafe offers a great selection of food and drink, either for a mid climb refresh or as a destination in its own right. Substation seems to do a good job as there's a refreshing mix of familiar & fresh faces that keeps the energy high.

— Doug C

A fave

I've been here 6 times in the last year with family and friends and it gives me a real buzz. The climbing routes are varied for ability which make for interesting challenges. Resets often enough make each visit a bit different and the space is big enough that you don't get bored. Highly recommend!

— Michelle
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