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Bank Holidays: 9:00–20:00 | School Holiday week days: 10:00 -22:00

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Born for the bold

Substation was born out of the aligned love for the great outdoors between two friends.

Our founders, Sam & Si, are two Northeners with a passion for outdoor fitness, mountain biking and adventure. As epic as their hobbies were, there was the reality of UK weather commonly being wet and dark so they were driven to explore some indoor alternatives, which is where they truly discovered bouldering.

The experience of indoor climbing immediately captured their core interest as a brilliantly unique activity that celebrates community and where novices can climb side by side with experts. Now Sam & Si will be the first to put their hands up and admit to not being climbing pros, by any stretch, but with a true belief in the power of climbing bringing people together and being a huge asset to their physical and mental health; Substation was created.

We re-use our holds where possible
We're gradually moving to wooden holds
We source our electricity from renewable suppliers, and intend to install solar panels
A ban on single-use plastic
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What our customers say about Substation


Called in to take alook at what all the fuss was about - and can highly recommend it! Food offering is excellent and the staff could not be more helpful. Had a tour around the climbing area and yoga studio. The facilities are excellent and the place has a real vibe about it.

— Ben

Amazing Centre

Great climbing centre with passionate staff. The cafe offers a great selection of food and drink, either for a mid climb refresh or as a destination in its own right. Substation seems to do a good job as there's a refreshing mix of familiar & fresh faces that keeps the energy high.

— Doug C

A fave

I've been here 6 times in the last year with family and friends and it gives me a real buzz. The climbing routes are varied for ability which make for interesting challenges. Resets often enough make each visit a bit different and the space is big enough that you don't get bored. Highly recommend!

— Michelle
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